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Dream: Tara Reid and…

Long ago I said that in an attempt to remember more of my dreams, I was going to write them down here. Well, it's been several months since my last dream, but today I had another… Two in fact!

The first was rather short. Tara Reid (the famous person) was apparently my girlfriend, and we were shopping. Normal chit-chat stuff, and about two hours of it. We later stopped in to where I work, and apparently this was the first time some co-workers had ever met "my girlfriend Tara Reid," so they were aptly shocked. So, yeah… Not a whole lot of meaning behind that one. Tara was just on Scrubs, and she's really not my type.

The second dream was about the same person I wrote about last night, and I dreamt that I visited her where she lives. We made up a little bit and it was awkward at first. I don't know how or why I was there, but apparently we'd decided things were okay and we should try to work them out. Probably won't happen in real life, but hey, it was worth dreaming about. Still not really a whole lot of meaning to that one. Wishful thinking, perhaps, and not much more.

I seem to dream more when I go to bed really, really tired or having just felt something really strongly. Of course, this is - what - the fourth dream I've remembered having in a year?

2 Responses to "Dream: Tara Reid and…"

  1. You dream every night Eric, you just need to learn how to be more aware of it. Funnily enough, for me the answer is dairy. No joke! When I eat ice cream just before bed I always remember having the strangest dreams the next morning.

  2. Ever tried a nicotine patch?

    You probably shouldn't if you aren't a smoker and aren't planning on quitting but it cranked my dream vividness up several notches.

    It said to stop wearing them to bed if you had vivid dreams.. but now I sometimes consider wearing them for just that purpose.

    On the other hand I have lots and lots of dreams and can usually tell you what I was dreaming about if you ask me soon enough after I wake up.

    The other night in fact I dreamed I was working on a database and when my wife woke me up, despite the fact I seemed awake, I was still trying to file everything she was saying into the database.. maybe I don't need a patch.