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QotD: Menus

Question: What's on the right side of your menu?

My Answer: From right to left: my name (Fast User Switching), the time, TypeIt4Me's icon (the text input menu), iSync, speaker volume, AirPort strength, Bluetooth, Scripts, Synergy.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

12 Responses to "QotD: Menus"

  1. Time, Battery, Airport, VPN Connect, iChat. I used to do SeePeeYou, but found it depressing. I don't think my little iBook is working too hard I don't need to be reminded that it is....

  2. My Name (FUS), time, battery, speaker volume, bluetooth, iChat, Airport, Salling Clicker, and my homerolled "Start" menu (Worst Objective C Cocoa App Ever)

  3. FUS, time, detour, airport, meteorologist, synergy.

  4. Right to left:

    FUS, Clock, Keychain (for its "lock screen" item), iSync, Display, Classic, Input, Volume, iChat, AppleScript, SSHKeychain, ClipboardSharing

  5. iChat, Airport Strength, Battery Icon, Speaker Volume, Fast Userswitch Menu, Analogue Time.

  6. Time, iSync, keyboard (to get the character palette easily), volume, displays, iChat, Timbuktu Pro, Synergy

  7. Right to left:

    Date/Time, Spy (Process Usage Viewer), Battery Strength, Volume, Airport, Bluetooth, MUMenu, iChat, Stuffit, Salling Clicker

  8. Thanx for the Synergy link. Great utility!

    For the record... right to left: date/time, AP signal, character palette, volume, iSync, iChat, and now Synergy (thanx to you).

    I like how they're all the same greyscale colours, except the American flag on the keyboard layout. I wish I could have my choice of Canadian maple leaf or American stars and strips.

  9. PTHClock (because Date & Time doesn't give you the month), Battery Status, Disk, CPU, Memory & Network MenuMeters, iChat, PC card display (because I can't turn it off) and finally PTHPasteboard because I couldn't live without it. My desktop box has a completely different lineup (except for the PTH stuff).

  10. Uhh, Fred, could you clarify what you mean by "Date & Time doesn't give you the month"? It does here… (when you click on it).

  11. SoundSource, MenuMeters (CPU and Memory), PTHClock, Snard, DefaultFolder, Konfabulator, PTHPasteBoard...

    And I think what Fred is saying about Date & Time is that you *have* to click on it to get the date. With PTHClock, the date is displayed beneath (south, above the desktop) when the mouse rolls over (configurable).

  12. Time, Airport, Bluetooth, Keychain Lock, Konfabulator, Proteus, NetMonitor