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DVD and Game Day

Yesterday, it turns out, was "DVD Day" for me. After a great Monday night playing games with Rob, José, and Gabe, I set out to pick up Mario Kart: Double Dash and Tiger Woods 2004. My first stop: Circuit City to see if they had any new CDs.

After picking up Pink's Try This (one-word review: "eh"), I made my way back to the games section. There I saw SSX 3 and picked it up ($39.99). I couldn't find Tiger or Mario anywhere, but I did find some controller extension cords. I should note now that GameCube games are a proprietary format encoded on what amounts to a mini-DVD, so my title is doubly accurate. 🙂

Wandering through the movie section on the way to the cash register, I spied the third James Bond collection. I asked a guy if they had the second, and after he found it, I loaded up my arms with the remaining 12 Bond films (I'd purchased the first box set some months ago).

Electronics Boutique had Tiger and Mario, so I grabbed those and went home to find that my West Wing: Season 1 set has shipped from Nice! I deleted 20 or 22 episodes from my TiVo (thanks, Bravo!), freeing up about as many hours of storage.

This morning I've organized my DVD list a little to add some stragglers that have escaped my attention for a few months. All of the newly acquired 007 films will be up when I find the time (i.e. next year).

I'll write up a little review of each of the games when I find the time as well. Perhaps soon (now).

10 Responses to "DVD and Game Day"

  1. Extension cords? Wireless WaveBird all the way!

  2. I'm not a big fan of having to worry about batteries.

  3. Cool. I just snagged a copy of Mario Kart too. Now all we need is for warppipe to release the beta.

  4. SSX 3 is excellent.

  5. Whoa, how do you afford all of that? Oh wait, you've got a job. I guess that is one major plus about leaving college and going into the "real world."

    I'm selling blood plasma to make enough money for MK:DD... after tomorrow's visit I'll be set.

  6. Erik, the batteries last a very long time. If your concerned about the environment get rechargeable instead.

    First themes and now WaveBird... how about the Booklet update? 🙂

  7. Oh WOW. I had no idea that SSX3 was out on GC. I was highly pissed after watching the commercials for it, cause there was no Gamecube logo at the end, only PS2, and there's no way I want one of those pieces of crap. I'm going to get it now. Wow.

  8. A couple of drawbacks on the WaveBird. No rumble feature. Games like Zelda use the rumble to give away clues about your surroundings. Also it just adds a little more of a dynamic feel to a game. Secondly button mashers seem to do rather poorly with a WaveBird. Starfox Adventures had this one part where you have to tap A really friggin fast and the WaveBird couldn't keep up with it.

  9. The batteries last quite a long time on the WaveBird. In fact, since I bought them nearly a year ago, I have yet to change the batteries. Sure, it doesn't have the rumble feature to save battery life, but I don't really care for it one way or the other.

  10. Ack! No rumble!

    Oh, and we updated Booklet. It'll be up when we release the new site. In a week or two.