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CSS Crib Sheet

They may as well have called this the CSS Common Sense Sheet. Judi may like it, but I find it a bit… well… a bit "duh." Actually, Judi just seems nicer about it, by saying "we've all been there," and I'm blogging it so that when a friend asks me a basic CSS question, I can point him at this site.

In related news, work on the new version of FSS continues. When the site is released in a week or two, we'll have updated versions of MailDrop, Booklet, and iChem.

3 Responses to "CSS Crib Sheet"

  1. Exactly, Erik. For you or someone else who has already built a few CSS pages that work, it's "duh" but imagine someone who has always done pages with nested tables sitting down with CSS for the first time? I wish I knew back then some of the info on the page. I think it's a good starting point to avoid making the stupid errors we all made at one time or the other and had to learn the hard way not to make again.

  2. CSS crib sheet

    CSS Crib Sheet is a good checklist of things to do, and not to do, when working with CSS. There’s practical advice in the article on topics not covered by the CSS specification, the kinds of things that are only...

  3. Yeah, Booklet update! I'll finally register once it works in Panther 🙂