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QotD: Hourly Rate

Question: If you were going to charge for your professional services, what would be your hourly rate?

My Answer: Anywhere from $40 to $100/hour. Depending on the length of the contract and the difficulty (simple HTML/site design versus complex Cocoa development) of the project.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Hourly Rate"

  1. I usually charge in the same range, but for non-profits that I agree with, I sometimes go a tad lower.

  2. Call me desperate, but I'd jump for about half that amount right now. Of course, I'm not at the same level of skill (yet;)).

  3. $25 for non-profits, $35 for friendly companies (loosly defined as doing things I think are cool) and $50 for most others. Deep pockets get charged more, long contracts get charged less. Sadly, my dollars are Canadian so they're cheap compared to your rates. And I adjust my time according to a complex, floating, variable, intertwingled, unwritten formula that includes client annoyance, cat fishing, music picking, tv watching, radio listening and lunch.