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QotD: Halo

Question: Do you care?

My Answer: Not really. 😛 🙁

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10 Responses to "QotD: Halo"

  1. Of course I care, this is the 6th sign of the Apocalypse! THE END IS NEAR!

  2. Hawhat? I might have cared 4 years ago when it was first shown off at MacWorld and it if had stayed to that vision and had been released like they said it would instead of being used as a hostage to drive xBox sales.

  3. It's cool and all, but I've had Halo for my XBox for a few years now. And it's still fun.

    I'll just save my excess Halo energy waiting for Halo 2. Only one more year to go!

  4. Halo For Mac Nears

    Question Of The Day: Do you care? Of course I care. I bought an XBox just to play Halo and I swore I wouldn’t. You can complain all you want about Bungie selling the farm to the borg, you can...

  5. I do--it's a great game, and I don't have an XBox or PC. Plus, whether you're interested or not, it's important to the overall health of the Mac platform to have games like Halo.

  6. Buzz, I think it's cool to "have" the game, but I don't think it's cool to "have" the game a decade behind schedule. That only serves to point out what a joke we can be for gaming sometimes. It's cool to have, I mean, but we can't exactly go running around saying "neener neener, we got Halo."

  7. Halo for Mac

    Halo for Mac? Is the sky really falling? Thanks for the pointer to NSLog()....

  8. Mac users should be glad they get anything with less than 3% market share.

    And whining about what they don't get doesn't motivate more people to ship more products for the Mac, either.

    Bungie sold out to Microsoft and got rich off it. But at least Halo DID make it to the Mac. It's not like it NEEDED to. Be glad that it is and support Mac gaming.

    Hell, if you've ever played Halo you can tell it's practically Marathon 4 anyways.

  9. Less than 3%? Not sure where you're getting that...

    I think it's important to Mac sales that the Mac has every game it can possibly get. I think that if we had parity in games for all the games the PC has, the Mac's market share would be a lot higher than it is.

  10. Those screenshots of Mac Halo look a little nicer than XBOX Halo does. I think it might be fun to play Halo on a Mac...