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QotD: UT 2004

Question: Are you really sure you care about Halo

My Answer: Hell no! Look at those screenshots. Unreal Tournament 2004, baby! Bring it on! Vehicles, multiple fire weapons (as always), expanded maps, woo! Gorgeous. Freaking gorgeous!

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9 Responses to "QotD: UT 2004"

  1. Yeah. Halo was nice and fun, but UT2004 looks much more interesting. The vehicle movie I looked at rocks.

  2. Why would the awesomeness of UT2K4 change my mind about Halo? I'll just buy both.

    I think this question is missing the point. The point isn't to only want the game that is the best at any particular genre. The point is to want every game PERIOD. When we lose a game, we lose a sale. The question isn't the quality of the game. It's the notoriety of the game. The higher the number of people who play it, the more important it is that we have it. Halo has some high numbers. UT2K4 may garnish higher numbers still. That doesn't mean that one beats the other. We can want both.

  3. Well, Halo actually has a story, and it's quite good. I didn't find much replay value in it, though.

    I'm looking for something to play online. I'm thinking about some MMORPG, but that costs a bit too much for a poor student like me. I prefer games without subscription costs.

    Tribes 2 was very good in its day. With all the vehicles and new game modes in UT2k4, I'm hoping it will turn out to be just as good.

    I think I'll write an entry on this when I get home.

  4. I'll echo Josh here... the goal is to own them all not just a select few. Plus I'm not a big fan of the whole UT thing, I loved Unreal, but once they took the "arena" style approach I wasn't to impressed. UT has become the next engine demo game similiar to Quake.

    Bring on Halo!

  5. The goal is to have fun playing games, and I will have plenty of fun (and save $50) by buying only the better game, and the game that my friends buy, and that's going to be UT 2004. Most of my gaming continues to be on the consoles I own. I couldn't care less about Halo.

  6. UT2k4 is months away. And I sure hope it's better than UT2k3 was, which didn't last long on my hard drive. I LOVED UT, but UT2k3 was a marginally updated engine made to look like Quake 3. The weapons were less innovate, the feel more Quake like. The game lost it's uniqueness, which is what made it good in the first place.

    I'll admit the vehicle movie I saw looked cool, but gimme a demo and I'll make up my mind next February or March when it's released.

    For now, I can play Halo.

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  8. i need 2 know if ut 2004 is coming out in feb ( uk ) cos i serously want it now now now! sounds cool cant write more, need sugar ughhhhhh...

  9. my arse was my last comment at 4 29 not in the friggin uk anyway... mumble mumble... bah! humbug!