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QotD: Photos

Question: On average, how many photos do you take per day? Are you a photo nut?

My Answer: I take pictures once a week, when fishing or doing something else, and at those times I take anywhere from 5 to 20 pictures. That averages out to about two photos per day. This puts me pretty low in the "photo nut" list.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Photos"

  1. I just decided that I'm going to buy a digital camera tomorrow. I'm really itching for a photoblog or something like that.

    Right now I'm aiming for a Minolta Dimage G400. I consulted a bunch of photographer friends, and it seems nice for a happy amateur like me.

    So let's see how many pics you can fit in the 16MB memory card that you get with it... The G400 gets some major bonus points for having two slots for memory cards. I'll buy a 256MB card later.

  2. A: Depends, sometimes it's 170 per day (that's when I'm pretty bored at university), sometimes it's 0 (that's when I forget my camera). I made more than 700 pictures at a party once (single night).

    My iPhoto library got 7545 pictures, which have accumulated over a span of about 10 months.

  3. Oh, maybe I should add that I've written my own web gallery software (using Apache Cocoon) to let my "models" look at the pictures.

  4. Photo Nut?

    From nslog(): Question: On average, how many photos do you take per day? Are you a photo nut? It's pretty...

  5. I go in phases... I've taken up to a hundred pictures in one day, but sometimes I'll go for weeks without taking pictures. Whenever I do take them, they always go to the pictures page on my website.