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Tiger Woods 2004… Under Par?

I hope that Tiger Woods 2004 gets a bit more difficult. I've just finished winning my first tournament, and I'm now on my second. After a rather uneventful 16-under-par first-round performance, I entered the second round of the tournament. The critical stats for that round:

1 eagle
1 no-putt
2 two-putts
7 tap-ins
14 fairways hit (every one)
17 birdies
17 greens hit (I was an inch onto the fringe on one hole)
19 putts
19 under par
52 total shots

This puts me at 35 under par for the tournament, only 30 shots ahead of the second place player. I could probably finish the tournament with only a pitching wedge and still win.

I hope this game gets more difficult soon. And yes, I know that it will. The key word is "soon."

One Response to "Tiger Woods 2004… Under Par?"

  1. Holy cow. I just got this for GC, played through the basic skill stuff then went and played the first tourney (Kapalua). Shot +10 on the first round and was pretty discouraged. 🙁 I must be doing something wrong. I'm going back to play round 2 soon.