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Duck Hunt

When I discovered that you could control the ducks in Duck Hunt with the second controller, my dad never beat me again. I'd sit quietly, the controller subtly nestled between my legs as I sat Indian style "awaiting my turn." Ahhhh, memories. Thanks Mike.

10 Responses to "Duck Hunt"

  1. I love(d) Duck Hunt. Ahhh, the 80s. Those were the simpler days of entertainment.

  2. Duck Hunt

    Let's all go play Duck Hunt online, instead of going to sleep or doing schoolwork. Yay! I hope it doesn't go the way of DHTML Lemmings. [via NSLog();]...

  3. Duck Hunt

    Erik Barzeski's NSLog; is one of my favorite blogs, and today he reminded me of days long since passed. How many of you remember this game:You know you love it, and now, thanks to the beauty of Flash, it has...

  4. Duck Hunt

    Notice where this is hosted? 😀 It is eating my productivity....must stop playing.......

  5. you were sitting Native American style. You better get ready for a swarm of angry letters........

  6. Cool.... I just wish it would say "Head shot!" and "Double Kill!" "Killing Spree!" like in UT 🙂

  7. Duck and Cover

    Erik seems to have found a site where you can play a Flash animation version of the classic Nintendo game, "Duck Hunt." It never was a favorite of mine considering that the gun was never as responsive as I would...

  8. I remember when I was a child and I would sit 'Indian' style. I also remember when I would give my sister one of the toys I was playing with, and then take it away from her causing me to be labled an 'Indian Giver'. I also remember playing cowboys and 'Indians'. The 'Indians' would always lose because of their 'Savage' weapons and feeble minds. Silly child games.

  9. Duck Hunt!

    Who hasn't played the classic NES game Duck Hunt? And is there anyone out there who didn't cheat? Well, now you can play Duck Hunt with your mouse, thanks to this nifty Flash version of Duck Hunt. It's a...

  10. I guess somebody needs to tell the National Organization of American Indians that they're offending the white man again because they don't refer to themselves as Native Americans instead...

    And Duck Hunt is a late night classic- great for killing time and shootin the breeze (along with some ducks).

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