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Mario Kartathon

So, the standings after a few solid hours of Mario Kart: Double Dash

38 wins: Eric and Erik (tie)
15 wins: my dog Flint
14 wins: Justin

As you can see, even a dog has beaten the poor, poor play of one wee boy named Justin. Ahhh, and to think how we had to hear "just put it on race mode, I'll kick your ass" to see only one win out of 15 races from the young man. Sad, sad indeed! 😀

We played a lot of battle mode (95% balloon, 1% star, 4% bomb) and a little bit of racing. It was a good evening. I'm going to bed now, my crown unchallenged by wimpy Harry Potter look-alikes. 🙂

One Response to "Mario Kartathon"

  1. I finally got to play Double Dash tonight! I still don't have a copy of the game, but I will someday. I wish that the game had a Grand Prix mode for four players in their own cars and a mix too. Like two in their own car and two sharing a car.

    Also, battle mode with car sharing would be fun -- especially if you could steal the star like stealing weapons in the racing modes.