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QotD: Underwear

Question: How often do you buy underwear? How often do you wear underwear?

My Answer: I haven't bought more than five pairs of underwear (boxers) in the past three years. Why? Because I had about 100 pairs of underwear from college. After all, the more clothes you had, the less often you had to do laundry. Of course, this logic also resulted in ten-hour laundry days, but I digress. I wear underwear 90% of the time. The only times I go without are when I'm bumming around the apartment on a hot day. When I'm alone.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Underwear"

  1. Ha! I bought underwear just a few hours ago, and for the same reason you mentioned: my laundry cycle was too short. I wear underwear almost always.

  2. Wikipedia has a great article about underwear. So I will say add my experiences on the subject. The most comfortable underwear I have ever worn are the coolmax underwear from TravelSmith. (I would love to provide a link but they have a brain-dead site.) I have about 7 pair. They can be washed in a sink and dry in about an hour. Faster if you blow dry them with the hair dryer. Being able to clean my clothes easily is a purchasing criteria for me; as I am a bit of a clean freak. However, I rarely wear them - because I wear a kilt. Nothing compares to the comfort of nothing at all. This is the way the equipment wants to be. Whenever I have worn pants without underwear they often do pinch and bind in painful ways. A kilt gives me freedom just not found in any other garment. I find wearing pants (and the associated underwear), when it is required now days, like wearing a tie - something that I can not wait to take off.

  3. That was great!

  4. Well, I don't wear any panties when I can help it. Obviously (or maybe not) there are times when I need to (that monthly cycle thing) and times like when I'm wearing a short skirt and *don't* want to expose too much 😉 that I do.

    Other than that... nothing but a bra. And I agree with anonymous - "this is the way the 'equipment' wants to be"

  5. I never wear underwear. =] Unless you include undershirts, which I wear most of the time. I just don't see a reason to keep my privates all trapped up there. On a side note, I like wearing a tie; it has so many uses in an emergency, and they look cool.

  6. considering I work from home almost exclusively, underwear is the rule, not the exception - it's very freeing not to have to worry about stuffy clothes when there's not much impact.

    I've never been one to wear anything that's not utilitarian anyways, most of my wardrobe hasn't changed since 1996 or so and is still "in style". Jeans and plain T-Shirts, or occasionally a polo when I need to "look nice". Doc Martens are great as you can just shine them when you go to church/job interviews and no one except for the most critical of people ever bother noticing, and after a while they're the most comfortable pair of shoes you'll ever own.

    The only reason I bother with cloth at all when I'm working alone is because my chair is leather - I don't think I need to explain beyond that.

  7. The last time I wore underwear was a little while ago-say

    1951 and still enjoy it.John the Aussie bloke

  8. My last posting was December 24 2004.Now May 14 2006 and I am still getting dressed without wearing u./w.
    I personally can't see the point of spending money on something that can't be seen. It's like buying a new car off the showroom floor then driving it home,stiking it in the garage for sometime.(meaning what was the point in buying it in the first place.Johm the Aussie bloke.xxxxxx.