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QotD: Gamblin’

Question: Are you a gambling man (or woman)?

My Answer: Yeah, I can be. I tend to bet small sums of money on silly things like "I bet he's five minutes late" or a small-stakes poker game. I hope to get a regular poker game going soon when a work buddy moves in to my apartment complex. We shall see, though. We shall see. Oh, and when I was golfing regularly, I was betting regularly too. Almost forgot about that!

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One Response to "QotD: Gamblin’"

  1. I think I am something of a gambling man. I make risky plays in the stock market and I really love poker, but that's about it. I've bet on dog races before too. I think I am very conservative about it though. I like things that I can determine the outcome of like poker, stock picking, chess and basketball.