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Nielsen Called

Nielsen Ratings called me. After asking how their call did not violate the DNC (they're not selling anything), I answered 30 minutes of questions. One of my answers included the phrases "because Tom Cruise is in it" (in reply to "What is your primary reason for not planning to see Samurai). Another was "Not every action movie needs a romantic subplot. Sometimes it's okay to just blow shit up."

4 Responses to "Nielsen Called"

  1. well, what was their excuse for how did they not violate the dnc list?

  2. if(excuse == "they're not selling anything")


    legaltocall = true;





    legaltocall = false;

    hangup(); //hangup(swearwords); is optional for some people


    You know it's late when you start writing random commentary on other peoples' sites in pseudo-code.

  3. Here's to movies that blow shit up without any pretense of not being an action movie by stuffing it with boring love interests!

    I say, we need more movies and games that just blow shit up.

  4. to: Mr Justin William,

    I don't understand people who think that becasue the DNC list exist no one, other than friends, family or work could every call you... a huge list of "loop holes" exist. One of which has to do with the fact Nielsen wasn't selling anything.