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Real Pictures, Please?

You know, I might consider color-tinting my iPod if the company doing the tinting would show real images and not flaky, poor renders. If I'm going to drop $49 and permanently alter my pristine iPod, I want to know exactly how my little pal will look in the end. Exactly how it will look. The same holds even truer of a PowerBook!

7 Responses to "Real Pictures, Please?"

  1. A nice review of ColorWare, complete with photos, can be found here, on the TechTV website.

  2. i saw something about this on tech tv the other day. not sure if it is the same place, but it looked like a really good clear coat paint job.

  3. A Picture's Worth $500

    I've been sent the link to ColorWare about a donzen times in the last twelve hours. Sure, it's cool that you can get your iPod or PowerBook painted, but who in their right mind would pay to do so without...

  4. The picture's look decent, but I'm feeling torn - the iPod just looks so darn good in white 🙂

    Plus, I'd need to find a case that does a better job of showing off the paint job. T'would be a shame to hide such a thing inside a SportSuit.

  5. After seeing real pictures, and after getting my iSkin today, I can safely say that my $49 is safe. 🙂

  6. Wow, that does look really nice. Very high quality. I have to agree with Eric though... there's something about the white that really works with the iPod.

    The iBook, on the other hand, could look really sweet with red, yellow, orange, purple, almost anything.

  7. I did see examples of the Colorware work on The Screensavers on TechTV and they looked unbelievable. (The URL for the show notes from the Dec. 2 episode that featured the devices is:,24330,3581369,00.html) If I didn't change computer equipment like I do underwear, I would have my 17" PB done immediately. I usually am not one for modding, but in this case, I really like the different look.