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QotD: Firing

Question: Have you ever sought to have anyone fired?

My Answer: Since this question is in the past tense, I can say no. But ask me again in a few months, heh. 😛 If I ever did, I know it would not be for any sort of personal reason (unless they were my employee), but for (in)competency.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Firing"

  1. I've not only sought, but have gotten people fired. 😛 Actually, someone got fired last Wednesday because of me. Nothing personal, it was due to his incompetence. A large part of my job is finding and fixing problems. So if I'm finding a lot of problems or big problems from someone, there's a good probability that my actions will lead to someone's dismissal.

  2. Yeah. But he criticized my birth control, ignored the trainer, poked at my food, complained about lazy Mexicans in front of a guy in our class from Mexico, and told the pregnant girl in our training class not ONLY that she had a nice ass, but that if she wasn't pregnant he'd f**k her, the same day that he claimed his wife was a Nigerian woman with AIDS.

    The guy *needed* to be fired.

  3. Yes, due to imcompetency. It was painful to deal with, most of the time I let the boss decide if what the person is taking, from the company is worth what they are giving, but this person was too much, and the boss was still fine with their performance. Only after we (everyone but this employee) laid it out that this person was distracting the entire workflow of a lot of people at the company did it come to pass.