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BackLight 2.0

When Freshly Squeezed Software introduces its new site (coming in less than a week), it will do so with updated versions of the following software:

  • BackLight (2.0)
  • Terminal Pal (2.0)
  • MailDrop (1.3)
  • FTPeel (1.1 beta)
  • iChem (1.3)
  • Booklet 1.2

Missing from this list is Recent Tunes (2.0), for which I'll have to beat Jason. BackLight 2.0 might be our most anticipated software release. It remains free, of course, and 2.0 resolves a problem with Exposé

So, happy holidays! This is how we celebrate. How about you? 🙂

7 Responses to "BackLight 2.0"

  1. Will the new version of FTPeel support the lovely SSH protocol? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Yep.

  3. Any further news on PulpFiction? I requested to beta test but guess I didn't make the cut, so now I'm incredibly curious as to exactly what it is (though I have my guesses) and when we can expect to see it.

  4. What is iChem? I've not heard of it before and I don't see it on the current site.

    P.S. I'm really excited for the SFTP support in FTPeel! I only wish my iBook would get back from repairs at Apple in time to try it out 😀

  5. If you add SFTP support (would be nice!), please be sure to add an option to preserve file modification times on transfer. For any organsation involved in both (1) allowing users to transfer files to/from its servers and (2) performing synchronisations of multiple servers, preservation of file modification times on transfers is a must. Thanks!

  6. iChem is a periodic table app. Not sure why it was never listed before. It's pretty nice if you're doing any chemistry work.

  7. For some odd reason I can't get Backlight 2.0 to work. My iMac specs are: 1 GB RAM, GeForce MX, 17' Flat panel, (not sure if quartz extreme is on my machine.) If anyone can tell me whats wrong, or help me, please e-mail me. Thank you