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Recent Tunes 2.0

Recent Tunes 2.0 is coming along. My previous blog post spurred Jason on a bit, I suppose. So, now my left-hand "Current iTune" is working and so is my list. Jason's not quite finished up the HTTP-GET implementation (c'mon man!), but that's what I'll be using as soon as that works. I'll have a database of all of my recent songs, and my site will query the database. Easy enough! Goooooooo Jason!

I know that at least one of my other friends is waiting for HTTP-GET. Recent Tunes 2.0 will remain freeware.

5 Responses to "Recent Tunes 2.0"

  1. the & in R&B renders as &amp did someone forget the ;?

  2. Go, go! I can't wait to use this thing. 🙂

  3. I'm excited for it as well.

  4. Some questions, probably easy to answer but I'm clueless...

    1) How do you make the URLs work on your recent tunes page? I'm not sure of the variable (or how to put it into the code) for artist, track, etc. Is there something that needs to "wrap" around the ^p, ^t, etc. in the URL?

    2) Displaying the current track -- I assume you have to set the blog page templates to extract the data out of the currently playing file page that Recent Tunes uploads, correct?

    Thanks for any help.

  5. In Development

    I've always wanted to be able to link to recent songs and populate a list on teh blog, with links to the iTunes music store. Not being that smart of a cookie, or a programmer, it was a dream, a...