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QotD: Kiss

Question: QotD: How would you describe your first kiss?

My Answer: Mind-wracking. I was thinking faster than ever, which I'm certain resulted in a less than stellar performance. After all, if 99% of your energy is focused on examining what you're doing, and how you're doing it, the "naturality" of a kiss is lost. You don't move your hands (and then when you do, it's because you realize you haven't moved them in a natural fashion at all, which is not natural), for example. It's horribly terrifying and exciting at the same time.

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5 Responses to "QotD: Kiss"

  1. Instructional?

    I reminded her that I had never kissed anyone before, and told her that my inexperience afforded her the opportunity to walk me through exactly how she wants to be kissed.

    It was relaxed and fun.

    Of course, the girl was my best friend for quite some time, and the kiss was nearly last on the list of possible sexual encounters that are not sex -- we had tried out other, "less intimate," things and were pretty comfortable with each other by the time we first kissed.

  2. Kiss

    NSLog();'s question of the day: How would I describe my first kiss? Upside down.

  3. Slow and steady and long.

    (*cough* Four hours.)

  4. A topic I've written on before.

    First kiss was rather short and I was so nervous that I don't remember it. Later kisses, well, that's not part of the question;).

  5. Mine was less than stellar. Actually, I remember thinking about what could possibly be so good about kissing, it was that bad. Fortunately others have made up for that first kiss.