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Lake Wyman

tiny_jack.jpgJosé and I ventured out into a bit of rain and an entirely overcast day today to get in some fishing near the Boca Inlet at a widening of the intercoastal known as "Lake Wyman" (it's not a lake, dammit, it's just a wider part of the intercoastal!). I had no idea what we'd catch, but the Top Spot map said "La," indicating "ladyfish." The poor man's tarpon, I told José as we packed up.

Well, it turns out that we caught nearly everything but ladyfish. While rigging up, a puffer fish took interest in my lure, so for kicks I "caught" him at José's urging.

We farted around the edges of the "lake," and I quickly snagged a small barracuda. I would end up catching three more before the day ended. José and I hit the east bank and he snagged the smallest jack cravalle of all time. We headed back to the west side and I used my drift chute to handle the wind. One drift through and I snagged a pretty good little jack cravalle of my own. I paddled back up, drifted through again (while José used the drift chute), and snagged my first snook (a very small one). I'd thought the water might be too cold for him, but he was there, and he liked my Yo-Zuri SS Minnow.

José brought bananas. 🙁 And, hey, he fell in at the launch and lost his other radio. That'll teach him to bring bananas on a boat! Ha!


One Response to "Lake Wyman"

  1. Heh. Did I mention I have a bad cold now? LOL. Nothing like fresh IntraCoastal water teeming with bacteria and other fun stuff to make my day. 😀