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FSS Updates Galore

Tonight saw the updating of several of Freshly Squeezed Software's products:

  • FTPeel was updated to version 1.1b1 with SFTP and FTP-SSL support.
  • MailDrop was updated to version 1.3 with WebKit support.
  • iChem was updated to version 1.3 with Panther support.
  • Booklet was updated to version 1.2 with Panther support.
  • BackLight was updated to version 2.0 with Panther support.
  • The site itself was updated to version 2.0 with XHTML 1.1/CSS 2.0 and standards support. 🙂

Of course, those are the biggest things. BackLight, FTPeel, MailDrop, iChem, and Booklet each have some nice new features too. Have a look and let me know what you think! I'm still not 100% pleased with the site (green links on the left aren't very visible, I think, but they look bad as orange links on the FAQ page), but the site is currently my favorite of all the ones I've done.

7 Responses to "FSS Updates Galore"

  1. Great job with the new design Erik! I love it. It loads quickly too, an added bonus. Keep up the good work.

  2. Site looks good. Loaded unstyled at first, a refresh brought the new look.

    I get a 404 with this link:

  3. The site does look good. There is alot of stuff in there though. The navigation links look fine, but the main content seems a little packed in.

    And the XHTML does not validate (according to the W3C's fussy validator). Just a few misplaced tags is all.

    And the CSS does validate. Three cheers!

    I know. I'm a stickler for web standards.

  4. Days like these make me want my iBook back from Apple even more 😉

  5. I too believe in standards and every page will eventually validate. In fact, most should now (I checked sporadically during development). I'm a stickler for standards too, and so now the home page validates as well (I couldn't even wait to put it off, had to fix it now!).

    And Jasmeet, I uploaded the .dmg a minute or so after your post. You'd beaten me to it.

  6. From the fussy validator: This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.1!


  7. I see you've been slacking off, not much new stuff there... 😉

    But seriously, congrats on all the new releases and the web site redesign.


    Adherance to standards is a good thing, but it's only a small step in the direction the web needs to take. Validating to XHTML or CSS or whatever doesn't mean that the site will display and function properly in all the major browsers in use today. Until the browsers strictly adhere to the standards, the standards don't mean all that much. But it's better than nothing, right?

    Of course, I in no way mean to belittle your effort on standardization. It's not like it's your fault the web is a convoluted mess. The whole thing has been a thorn in my side many a time.


    May your efforts and the work of those like you help light a fire under the collective butts of browser makers everywhere!