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QotD: Survivor 7

Question: Who will win this season of Survivor?

My Answer: I'm going to go with Darrah. I have no idea why. She's quietly slipping through and winning a lot of immunities. Lil has to go soon. Jon either will win or will not win (big time either way). Burton is a threat, and Sandra has a lot of enemies right now. I dunno, though. Get your vote in before Sunday. (Can you tell I've not yet watched tonight's episode? I'm going to go do that now).

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7 Responses to "QotD: Survivor 7"

  1. Either Sanda or Darrah. John is probably gone now that the girls have made an alliance and Lill would be the next one out because I can't see Sandra or Darrah making an alliance with her.

  2. Survivor 7: I am woman, hear me roar!

    As a woman and a fan, I loved last night's Survivor. More in the extended section for those that haven't watched yet and don't want to be spoiled (and to spare those that want to be spared)....

  3. Lill or John is going to be next I would say. John, because with out Burton, he is quite isolated (and not liked), and Lill because she is quite possibly the worst Scout Master in the history of Scouts. Oh and she whines too much.

  4. You mean the (virtual) Reality Show fad isn't over yet?

    It has been for me for 3 years...

  5. I agree with mnb. Reality shows are strictly *yawn* for me.

  6. Good thing Survivor isn't a reality show. It's a game show.

  7. Lol, Survivor is considered the first Reality show ever aired on TV.