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CDC to Scott Stevenson

I've made my decision re: Cocoa Dev Central, and I've decided to give the site to Scott Stevenson. He and I have known each other for about six years now, and we keep bumping into each other. We're active and somewhat public Mac users - it's bound to happen. Scott's a great guy with a solid sense of design and great sensibilities. He'll do well with Cocoa Dev Central. His ideas are nice, and his ambition is refreshing. The transition will be bumpy, I'm sure, but Cocoa Dev Central isn't going anywhere.

Need some idea how Scott thinks? Read his take on writing technical articles.

4 Responses to "CDC to Scott Stevenson"

  1. Good Luck Scott! Congrats.

  2. I'm glad CDC will live on with a new operator, thanks for taking the time to find it a new home, Erik, instead of just letting it die. I've gotten much good use out of it, and with someone at the helm who has the time to really drive it, I'm sure it will give me much more help!

  3. if this is the scott stevenson im looking for u will know the name and email please

  4. I sold Cocoa Dev Central to Scott Stevenson back in December because I found myself with a startling lack of free time. The content was languishing, the design was poor, and the site was suffering. Scott has been working for...