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QotD: Messy

Question: How messy or clean is your apartment or home?

My Answer: Currently my apartment is VERY messy, which sucks. When I was strictly a freelance guy, my apartment was spotless. Now that I only have 8 waking hours a day or so of free time (not counting driving to/from work, showering, etc.) and most of that is spent writing software, email, this blog, or watching West Wing, my apartment has gone to hell. I use one of my two days off each week to clean up, but the recent bathtub adventure has not helped me there. I need to just clean up once and then keep it that way, not being lazy when I get home with bags of goodies I've purchased, mail I picked up, and empty cans of Coke (which tend to accumulate on my computer desk).

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6 Responses to "QotD: Messy"

  1. Pretty messy, but I know where everything is. The term for it, I think, is "heap management."

  2. Clean. Only because my GF and I just spent the last two days cleaning and organizing it. It started with me going "maybe we should rearrange the desks in the office", and it went from there. Things are much more organized now, and the garbage bin in the back is full of old motherboard boxes 🙂

  3. its pretty messy, but its not like you are walking among garbage and clothes, just that I never bothered to completely unpack when i moved in 2 months ago.

  4. Needs to be cleaned. And decorated (for the holidays). And organized. And used more, I'm always in front of the computer or TV. Simple answer: It's a mess.

  5. The room is a mess in certain areas and clean in others. I guess that means it is a mess, because pockets of order in a room with a messy desk, messy nightstand, and messy armoir is still a messy room, right?

  6. I don't think that pigsty would really be appropriate, because it's more cluttered than dirty, but it is, nonetheless, very messy.