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Chemtrails and Crackpots

You know those streaky, puffy clouds left by airplanes? Bet you thought they were harmless, huh? Apparently they're not! They're called "chemtrails" and they're actually government spy planes spraying us with chemicals!

Uh huh.

The page is funny, largely because the people on it are so stupid, gullible, or fanatical that you just know you couldn't win any argument against them with any amount of reason, logic, or proof. Ho hum.

6 Responses to "Chemtrails and Crackpots"

  1. "It is impossible to defeat an ignorant man in argument."

    - William G. McAdoo

  2. I remember first hearing this conspiracy from a nut. Strangely enough the next day I was in downtown Baltimore and there was two low flying planes in formation. It was a little creepy with the timing and all, but still kind of funny, cause my friend and I were able to play off of it with the nut next time we saw him.

  3. You can't prove that they're NOT chemtrails, can you? Don't mistake your skepticism for truth (or proof) or you'll make the same mistake as the so-called "nuts".

  4. Check this website--



  5. "You can't prove that they're NOT chemtrails, can you?

    Oh, yes, the classic "proving a negative" bilge that all religious and conspiracy zealots absolutely require in order to function. Here's how it works, bucko. The crackpots have *prove* that the government is using the mostly harmless exhaust of commercial airliners to "poison" the populace.

    The rest of us _do_not_ have to prove that they are _not_.

    Now, continue as if normal.

  6. I love crappy conspiracy theories. This one almost tops that chemtrails one....