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QotD: All-Star Survivor

Question: If you could pick the top three people for the eighth season of Survivor (the All-Star edition), who would you choose?

My Answer: Jon let slip "maybe during All-Stars, my grandma will die" during the reunion show. Does that mean he's on the All-Star edition? I hope not yet I hope so as well. His voice, his antics - they annoyed the hell out of me. I hope not to see him because I don't want to listen to or see him, and I hope I do see him so that he can get his ass handed to him pretty hard.

My three choices: Richard Hatch has to be on there simply because he started it all. I'd really like to see Rupert on the show again. Finally, I'd like to see Rob again - the master planner that lost only because he lost the final challenge. Beyond that, hell, what about an "All-Playboy" edition? Any Survivor who posed in Playboy is eligible! 🙂

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4 Responses to "QotD: All-Star Survivor"

  1. Matt has to be included. That guy was a machine. Imagine him and Rupert together, they'd be unstoppable from a survival aspect. I'd love to see Matt again sharpening the machete with that maniacal look on his face. Priceless.

  2. He actually said "grandpa" not "grandma".

  3. Richard, of course. Boston Rob, definitely. But I'd love to see Jeff Varner back - I think he got a raw deal, even though it was Colby that beat him in the tiebreaker at Tribal Council. Gina from Marquesas also gets my vote cuz she's from my hometown. Gotta give the props. Brian from Thailand probably had one of the best mental games I've seen and it would be great to see him up against Rob and Richard. Too bad Rupert will kick all their asses though. 🙂

  4. definetley rob the guy that new it all and played the game as well as u could play it, and somehow still lost,also jon the lying cheat he was one of those guys u love to hate he gets your blood boiling but you still want more