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QotD: Text Message

Question: Do you text message?

My Answer: Occasionally. I used to, when I was dating or friends with one person, send and receive about ten or twenty a day. Now I'm down to one or two a day. And, fwiw, I'd never send any of these text messages.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Text Message"

  1. I got 500 to waste a month. I usually get through about 250.

  2. I love sending and receiving text messages, especially since I hate talking on the phone. It makes my life that much easier.

  3. As someone who has been tied to a pager, one that recieves automated pages from system monitoring tools.... NO! I've finally gotten rid of my pager I'm not about to have people sending me pseudo-pages to my cell phone (that is only around because I'm too weak to say no)

    I really am a Neo-Luddite. You can pry my iBook and my broadband, and my 802.11b from my cold dead fingers, but other forms of communication... for get it.