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Two Days Before Christmas

Two days before Christmas and most all of my holiday shopping is done. I completed my Secret Santa purchase today (not a secret anymore!) and dropped by work to say hi (and to pick up some fudge-like Bourbon Balls). I visited Electronics Boutique and grabbed a copy of RC Stunt Copter and the more-than-lame RC Helicopter.

José is coming over later, and I'm cleaning up a bit. The real cleaning will be done on Thursday, however - my parents arrive on Saturday for five days or so. Hopefully two of those days will be spent fishing.

I dropped by a local hobby shop - G & C Hobbies - and picked up some fuel. They seem to be awfully big into model kits (boats, cars, etc.) and not as big into helicopters. They had some planes on the walls and ceiling, and a dirt track outside. I'll talk with them soon and see if they have any recommendations.

Oh, and RC Stunt Copter? Tough! I can't imagine how the real thing is going to be. And there's not even really any wind in the game from what I can tell. At least in real life I'll have the actual advantage of 3D instead of simulated 3D-on-2D (my TV screen). Hrmph.

I have a very strong urge to pick up an R/C boat right now. Thank goodness G & C didn't have any decent looking ones.

3 Responses to "Two Days Before Christmas"

  1. Before you just jump and pick up an rc boat, I would recommend you go to a race and check them out there (assuming you're interested in fuel powered rc race boats as opposed to model boats or toy electric boats). I raced with NAMBA for awhile, and then APBA... I think there's also um... IMPBA? You're in florida, right? So I don't really know what associations are big over there (or are even big any more), but if you poke around you should be able to find a race schedule (though this is probably the off-season)...

    And as I recall, most of the boats that a car/plane/whatever store just happened to have weren't very good, at least in California... but that probably totally depends on the store.

    If you have any rc boat questions, I'd be rusty and 10 years out of date, but I could probably give you some broad pointers.

  2. I don't actually want a boat. It was just an impulse today. I resisted. 🙂

  3. Mmmmmmm. I love Bourbon Balls. My Aunt made a ton of them this year and I can't stay away from them. What makes matters worse is she didn't cook the Bourbon enough so I've been getting somewhat tipsy, I love it.

    That is what the holiday season is all about.