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MovableType 3.0

It doesn't seem that MovableType 3.0 is the same as MovableType Pro, though maybe it is. I don't know. Right now, all I know is that I'm dreading the day 3.0 comes out - I'll probably have to recreate my entire blog. I'll have to make sure MT-Blacklist works or go with the new model. All sorts of decisions will need to be made. It will be hell. Ugh. But yay too.

3 Responses to "MovableType 3.0"

  1. I have a feeling the MovableType team will do there best to make the task of upgrading as quick and painless as possible. When I used MovableType (before switching to TypePad) I rarely made the upgrade. Generally I would wait until a redesign before upgrading the software, but that's just because I'm lazy.

    However, and needless to say, this new version should prove to be a product of quality, something that isn't always there with free software.

  2. It's not the same thing, but apparently some of the features they had planned for MovableType Pro will be included in the free MovableType 3.0 so good for us.

    Upgrading will probably only be a pain if you have a lot of customization in the base files. My guess is that MT-Blacklist or something like it will be rolled in.

    And no one says you have to upgrade right away. 🙂

  3. It's my belief that MT Pro is for users that want more of a CMS rather than blog system. I'll most likely use it for MobileTracker, where more CMS type features are welcome.