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No Christmas Fish

I had planned to hit the Lake Worth Lagoon today. Turns out the marina - which seems to be behind an apartment complex - is closed today. Peh. I thought Jewish folk don't celebrate Christmas? Or maybe there aren't many Jewish folk in Lake Park, FL. Anyway… I guess it was good to be up at 4am, eh?

On the way to the marina, I drove past the Palm Beach Gardens mall on PGA Boulevard. All this served to do was remind me of a past relationship, and it's probably one about which I'll be thinking for most of the day. It occupied my thoughts the entire way home, and has so far since arriving home as well. Ho hum.

I've got to clean later today, but needless to say, I've got absolutely no ambition to do that.

One Response to "No Christmas Fish"

  1. Don't forget - we have Hanukkah. Not that it's a High Holiday, but we celebrate 🙂