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QotD: Christmas Gift

Question: What's your favorite Christmas (or Hannukah, or Festivus) gift this year?

My Answer: I got a day off. Isn't that good enough? For me, you bet! Samantha got me a Coca Cola gift certificate. She does pay attention!

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7 Responses to "QotD: Christmas Gift"

  1. The new cordless keyboard and mouse are great... I talk more about the *joys* of it on my weblog.

  2. "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs." Yes I'm an Apple zealot.

  3. $80+ in iTunes Gift Certificates! Oh yeah!

  4. Books, lots of books.

  5. Panther, Panther is my favorite Christmas gift this year.

  6. My brother gave my mom Panther... I don't think she fully realizes what good it is...

  7. 80 Hour TiVo. 'nuff said.