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For Sale: Dual G4 800 Loaded

I don't normally care to do this, but I also despise eBay, so here's a computer I've got for sale immediately:

G4 Dual 800 MHz
1.5 GB RAM (RAMJet)
Zip Drive
AirPort Card
2 x 120 GB HD
GeForce 3 with ADC/VGA adaptors

Let the bidding start at $750. It may go up from there, but that's the hard basement. If you want to buy it via PayPal, add 5%. Shipping charges depend on how quickly you want it. It's in great shape - I take good care of my machines. Email me (link lower left) or post a comment with your email address here.

5 Responses to "For Sale: Dual G4 800 Loaded"

  1. nearly the same mac I have.. 🙂

    I don't need another, though.

  2. What software is installed? Does it come with an OS, and if so, what version? What size Zip drive?

    Out of curiosity, why are you getting rid of it?

    And how high has the bidding gotten so far?

    (Wow, that's a lot of question marks.)

  3. 10.3.2 is installed. The Zip is a 250. I'm getting rid of it because I've got a G5 now. The bidding is at around $900 locally.

  4. where are you located, i'm in lexington ky. and very interested

  5. The computer sold in January, folks.