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OmniWeb 5

So, this here OmniWeb 5 looks a little interesting, eh? I like Safari, but the option to save browsing sessions when I restart - or better yet, when the app quits unexpectedly - could be a godsend. Unfortunately, without the crash protection, how often do you restart the computer? Might be a useless feature.

6 Responses to "OmniWeb 5"

  1. That's certainly an interesting feature, makes me wonder why others hadn't thought of it before. Especially when installing software that requires a reboot, it'd be awfully handy.

  2. By and large I don't use Safari. Rendering is still flaky, and one site in particular that I use every day doesn't work in Safari (or IE for that matter). So I use Mozilla and as such I've explored a few of the (many) extensions to Mozilla that are out there. The one extension I can't live without is Multizilla. The developers claim to have invented tabbed browsing and I have no reason to disbelieve them. They certainly 0wnz0r tabbed browsing, as their feature set is deeper than any other browser on the planet. And they have had resumeable tab sessions for I dunno how long. I've got to tell you, the first time I quit Mozilla with multiple tabs open because I had to reboot after an Software Update and then had all the tabs open up after I restarted Mozilla I leapt up from my seat and yelled "Haroo!"

    Sadly Multizilla doesn't work with Firebird yet, but older revs do work with Netscape. If you think you might like what Opera offers, I urge you to try Mozilla with Multizilla installed.

    I'd write more but "Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" just came on TV and I've gotta go now...

  3. The sessions could be useful for holding sets of class documentation files. When you're working on a project, just open the corresponding session to have quick access to the most pertinent docs.

  4. Jon H: That's the kind of good idea that will definitely make me try out OmniWeb 5. Useful, and so painfully obvious that it makes me wonder why I didn't think of it myself.

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  6. Fred: I use the Session Saver extension in Firebird to accomplish the same thing (though I turned off the "restore saved session at startup" option and restore manually through the menu item if I need to).