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QotD: Exposing

Question: Do you actually use Exposé?

My Answer: Not really. I'm so used to stacking windows in a way that makes them easily accessible that I've never really had windows overlapping. Plus, I've got a large display. I've assigned a button to it on my mouse, but nearly never use it. It still makes for a great demo, and if I ever use a smaller screen I'm sure I'll do it… but for now, no, not so much. Question inspired by Etan.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Exposing"

  1. yes, I use it

  2. I use it so much that, when using a machine running Windows, I am often lost without Exposé.

  3. Yeah, I find myself throwing the mouse to the corner of the screen automatically even on Windows now. The 'Clear Desktop' Exposé action has me particularly ensnared; it's just so useful for filing things after I download them, etc. 🙂

  4. I played with it for a while, but it never became habit for me. Every so often I'll slide my mouse over to the "desktop" corner to get at something there quickly. But for the most part I find that I'm using files on the Desktop more through a Finder window and then I get around with a combination of LaunchBar and command-tab.

  5. Surprisingly often. I say "suprisingly" because I own a rev B iMac (i.e. 233MHz G3) and figured Exposé wouldn't work properly on such a low-spec machine, but it's fine.

  6. Yup, sure do, its a very handy thing especially on my tiny 12 inch powerbook screen.... Im like Eric Czarny - at times i find myself lost without it on a Windows PC

  7. I LOVE Exposé!

    This is how I use it. I usually use the hotcorner to initiate expose, and then use the Tab key (or Cmd-Tab) to scroll through the applications, and then the arrow keys and return key to select the windows. This way I can keep my hands over the keyboard/trackpad on my Powerbook.

    I probably wouldn't use it if I had to type F9, F10, or F11, but since I have it set up to use the hot corners on my Powerbook, I use it all the time. Granted, I'm also constantly reminded of it by accidentilly moving my mouse to those corners, but I'm getting better/used to it. It really let's me make use of my Powerbook screen (I'm used to setting my desktop resolution to 1600x1200, so this is roughing it for me). looks really cool. If there's one thing that will impress people when they see panther it's Exposé. I spent all week trying (eventually SUCCESSFULLY) to connect to my company's Checkpoint Firewall, and as impressed as my sysadmin was that I was even able to connect at all because there's no mac native client to their stupid proprietary program, Exposé is the thing that he thought was the coolest feature.

  8. Yes.

    Let me tell you, it's all about the five button mouse.

    - Scott

  9. Constantly. I don't know how I worked without it.

  10. I use the “make all windows go away” (F11) feature all the time in order to get at icons on the desktop. Being able to hit F11, start dragging an icon, hit F11 to make my windows come back, and then drop the icon somewhere is great.

    I occasionally use the other features of Exposé, but not every day.

  11. Don't bite my head off here; I really don't know all that much about Expose. However, I am tempted to say that Expose is a feature that is needed more on the Mac than on Windows. Every time that I sit down at a Mac I look for the 'maximize' button. Then I remember that there is only a 'restore' button. I always have so much more trouble managing windows on the Mac. With my XP box I know that I can press one button and that application will own the screen.

    Just my 2 cents.