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QotD: Built

Question: What's the most impressive thing you've ever built?

My Answer: Does this blog count? Just kidding. I "built" Apple Wizards a number of years ago, and that was impressive. I built countless Lego things as a child. Right now I'm building a helicopter (from basically a bag of parts). Take your pick - any of those.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Built"

  1. QotD

    Over atNSLog();, there is a Question of the Day. I think that is a good idea for people to encourage connections via trackback and comment blogging. Anyway, the question posed today was "When a question was asked in class, what...

  2. If you actually built it, I'd say it counts. I'll be counting my website once it's done. Unfortunately, school started again, so I have no clue when that will be.

  3. The ethenet network for the Internet startup I worked for. 10/100 to the desktop, 3 drops per cube (of over 100) with a fiber backbone between switches, and fiber to every rack (which had it's own switch). It was a thing of beauty with the rack switches in the front of the racks and custom made short patch cables from the switch to the 110 block we mounted in the front of the rack. Really made the NOC floor clean under the tiles too, no CAT5 there at all, just 4-5 fiber runs.

  4. I guess I'd go with a self-funded startup that ran profitably for four years.

    - Scott

  5. My dad and I built a house once. Thats something I'm pretty proud of.

  6. I've (re)built my 1976 Triumph Bonneville 750 a couple of times now. I'm prouder of that than the aeromagnetic survey company I started. I was pretty happy with the SCSI RAID array I built out of leftover 1 GB hard drives as a photoshop swap volume (the best thing I EVER did to speed up Photoshop, BTW). And I kind of like the wall-to-wall, floor-to-floor shelving I put into my home office. While no surface is square in this 75-year old house, every shelf is level.