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Building a Helicopter

So I'm trying to build this R/C helicopter, and let me tell you, it's one helluva bitch. It's got screws all over the place, and none of them are marked. The "manual" is a big book full of bad pictures that hardly do enough to illustrate the procedure necessary. It's a wonder even seasoned people get these things put together. The only online help I've found (at Raptor Technique .com) is written in a language that's difficult to understand without ten readings. Arrrrgghhhh! Frustration! 🙂

But I will power through. Worst case: I'll have to buy a new part after I put a bushing in where a bearing should have gone.

3 Responses to "Building a Helicopter"

  1. You'll be able to do it. Look at it this way, you have written tons of great software. What's the difference in time, and patience, involved in constructing a model helicopter that isn't involved in software development?

    I shouldn't talk, I have been unable to write software for a few years, bagging project after project. Perhaps I need a new lesson in software development.

    Eep. O:-)

  2. Welcome to the world of instructions written by mechanical engineers. In the back of their mind is the idea that there's an old gaffer standing at your elbow showing you how it's really done.

    People that write man pages aren't much clearer, but at least their assumption set does not include an aged wise one standing by, since in The Early Days no one knew anything and there were no Wise Old Ones. Thus, it's easier to figure out software from first principals: mechanics have a 300 years of preconceptions infusing their instructions. Enjoy.

    (Said the guy whose ongoing mission is to translate Triumph Mechanics' Britspeak into something resembling modern English. Thank your favourite deity that computer users don't have to deal with Whitworth wrenches.)

  3. Don't worry about it, take it step by step. When i started building my helicopter it was a massive load of bits & pieces... Actually sit down... relax... and start with the big bits then gradually go down to the smaller bits.

    It will be built and working in no time