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QotD: Hand Raising

Question: When a question was asked in class, what did you do?

My Answer: I used to be the kid who knew all the answers (still do, dammit! :-D), so I'd raise my hand. Then it'd get to the point where the teacher knew that I knew the answer, and would call on me if nobody else knew the answer. Sometimes I wouldn't raise my hand if I knew the answer if I felt that everyone else knew the answer too. It's a whole social thing, you see, and one I failed at simply for being halfway intelligent to begin with. 😉 Damn the smart kid…

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3 Responses to "QotD: Hand Raising"

  1. Pick me! Pick me!

    The true meaning of peer pressure-answering a question in a classroom environment.

  2. I started out like you, then as I got into High School I stopped raising my hand. The teachers would still call on me if they wanted to get the answer, but I stopped volunteering to think for the class. Course that was in classes where the knowledge was 'triva based' that being information rahter than critical thinking (I'm thinking Algerbra and Physics here, and answers to problems). I've always been good at regurgetating knowledge (say away from me with a Trivial Pursuit game) but figuring problems and forming opinions has been tougher.

  3. back at the start of junior high I used to answer all the questions, then I became bored with school in general and stopped paying attention. I only went back to the answering all the questions thing in biology class in high school, simply because the teacher would assign more homework if nobody knew the answer.