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QotD: mipod

Question: Do you want a miniPod?

My Answer: Not really. Mine never leaves my car anyway… and interchangeable face plates would have been nice for a few reasons.

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15 Responses to "QotD: mipod"

  1. 50 bucks less and maybe I would have. I'll make up my mind when I actually get to play with one... in April. For now, though, the 20 gig is still the most tempting.

  2. Agreed; pricing is totally off. If I were in the market for one, I'd stretch the extra $50 for a proper iPod, with triple the storage, whereas a price of say $150 - $200 would be more tempting.

    Having said that, I'm a Brit, so if Apple's UK prices ever reflected the current US$ and GBP exchange rate, I'd buy anything and get a great deal (ha, I wish...)!

  3. IMO, there are two categories of iPods: (1) My entire music collection fits (so that I don't have to manage lists), and (2) my entire collection doesn't fit (so that I *do* have to manage lists). I'd need a 40GB iPod to fit my entire collection, and just have difficulty justifying $500 for an iPod. So, if I'm going to have to manage playlists, then having 1000 songs on the device really isn't much worse than having 3700. (I think the battery would require recharging before I could listen to 1000 songs.) So, in this case, I think *size* would be the stronger purchasing driver than capacity -- i.e. I think the mini would be the better option.

  4. In a word No. I've got the original 5GB Gen 1 model, it was a very special christmas gift from my wife when we were going through hard times and she scrimped and saved for months to buy it for me.

    As it is I'm lucky if I use it more often than once/month. There have been many occasions where it's discharged to the point that I had to open it and unhook the battery for a bit then hook it back up. I really can't see doing that with this modle.

    People thought regular iPods were a bear to change the battery on. Wait until these batteries start wearing out.

  5. Do you have any problems with leaving the iPod in the car as far as temperature goes? What's the weather temp usually like around there?

  6. No, though not because of the price. I currently own a 2G 20 GB model. I use it to port files around (along with listening to my music) and I like the space. Sometime in the future I'll probably just give my current one to my father (it's engraved so it'd probably be difficult to sell it for a good price) and then buy myself whatever the largest regular iPod available is.

  7. They are neat looking, that's without a doubt, but like everyone else has said already they are just too expensive. No doubt Apple is taking a step in the proper direction, but they just didn't take a big enough step.

    My feeling is that after a few months, when they get statistics on sales and what not, Apple will most likely drop the price.

  8. I wouldn't mind an ipod, period.

  9. I really hope Eric C is right because I want one bad. My music collection is humble enough that it would fit perfectly on the iPod Mini.

  10. Apple's true focus?

    Todd Dominey at What Do I Know has given his opinion on the latest Apple debate. An interesting entry, that's without a doubt, but I think he is missing a rather important point. Smaller? Less expensive? Sounds great, right? Yes,

  11. Ryan, it's entirely possible. In fact, I have a feeling that before next holiday season we'll the decline in price. I haven't looked at these devices in person yet, but they certainly have enough of an appeal to be successful.

    Hell. If I didn't already own a a ten gigabyte model, I may even strongly consider the mini's. The one problem I have is that I like having my entire library with me, I'm too indecisive to manage playlists.

  12. Absolutely, I want one! I already have a 10GB model, and it's much more than I possibly need. However, a 4GB model would be perfect for my wife, who's really jonesing an iPod. One caveat-- her PeeCee is running Windows ME. Ack!

  13. Feh. My 10 GB is too small and 80 GB wouldn't be big enough (I've got over 800 CDs and my iPod ran out of room at about 2500 songs). I don't really have a point, but I _am_ looking forward to the first company to come out with full-size (DJ-style) headphones with no cord and a little socket to plug your miniPod into. "No, I'm not cleaning the wax out of my ears, I'm selecting a playlist on my 'Pod."

  14. Just a note, the Trackback to the left points here, not where it currently takes you.

    Sorry. :\

  15. Fred: look no further than this.