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GS Racing Storm

gsc2003-stormRTR.jpgSo now I've got a GS Racing Storm R/C car. Justin and I had a bit of an adventure last night getting it turned on, but I' think I've got a grasp of the mechanics now. For my own future knowledge: glow plugs get really freakin' hot really freakin' fast.

The car, in idle, burns through gas pretty quickly. I think we let it run for a minute or two - about as long as our ears could take. I hope to finish breaking the engine in later today and getting some good test runs in - we shall see, though. The weather's looking kinda funny. If possible, you can bet your butt I'm gonna get some of the stuff on video.

3 Responses to "GS Racing Storm"

  1. RC cars are so sweet these days. I remeber having an old RC car that used to chew through batteries by the bucket full - back in the days when rechargable batteries where new and expensive.

    Im looking at buying a RC Nitro truck in the near future. Being out of it for a while im finding it hard to get back into it, so i guess ill just take the plunge and buy one.

    Traxxas make some nice trucks, ive been drooling over the T-Maxx truck the last few days.

  2. If possible, you can get your butt I'm gonna get some of the stuff on video.

    I had to reread that about four times before I understood it (I think). Do you mean "you can bet your butt?"

  3. Yep. That's what I meant. I'll leave it like that for posterity now though, ok? 🙂