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Well, it turns out that all I had to do was reverse the throttle control on my radio to get the Storm to go forward. So, I did that, and José and I headed out to the hockey rink to finish breaking in the Storm. I hadn't planned on actually breaking the Storm.

We got the glow plug going, we cranked a bunch of times. Nothing. I readjusted the screw to about 3 1/2 and blew gas through again - it came to life. I did some circles at medium speed to get a feel for it - fast! I drove around some more. Three times wheels fell off - the whole wheel. The bolts on the end weren't holding. Then, as I drove around at a pretty high speed, BAM! I slammed into the goal.

The goal is a big, heavy, lead pipe structure. It moved a foot and a half. One of the bars in my car was bent about 15 degrees, and now the car has a very hard time turning left. It turns right just fine! Regardless, I've gotta get some parts and repair the car. Woo! I'm fine with that. I just hope I can figure out how to get to the part to remove it.

The place I went tonight was one with which I went with a particular girl more than a few times. We had a few pretty nice evenings there. If we were still together, I'd call them magical, but it is evident now that I'm the only one who felt that way.

The impact that returning to the spot had on my psyche was dramatic. It impressed upon me how much I cared for this girl at one point, and how high my hopes had been for that relationship, and how wrong I had been about where it was all going.

Live and learn, eh?

One Response to "Crash!"

  1. get used to it. my car required a complete overhaul after each and every ride.

    btw, turning right is all that's required anyways 😉 (that's called a Q-turn in sailing)