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Now that the Freshly Squeezed Software team is four people (I won't say who was added just yet), and now that I'm moving to a management position in a way (coordination, Web design, advertisement, delegation, etc.), I'm looking at project management software.

Good timing, then, that I see this. It's called "Basecamp" and it's Web-based. I need something Web-based, as no two of us are closer than about 1800 miles. We've all got Macs, though, and iSights too, I think. Anyway, that's beside the point - Basecamp looks interesting.

6 Responses to "Basecamp"

  1. FogBUGZ is coming to Mac and Unix very soon.

  2. I don't have an iSight!

  3. Does anyone know how much Basecamp will cost? It looks awfully interesting, though I hold no need for it.

  4. FogBUGZ isn't a project tracking utility. It's a bug tracking utility.

  5. Eric:

    On pricing, I would assume it's based on how many users you have. FSS has 4 users, but another company might want to use Basecamp with 400 users.

    That being said, I bet it will be pretty affordable. There's a big market for well designed/priced web apps.

  6. Basecamp launched today. It still looks interesting as I begin using it. They've got some issues with text formatting (sometimes I want a * to be a *, dammit, and I have yet to successfully mix *lists with *bold* text)....