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QotD: Forums

Question: Have you ever been kicked out of an online community (forums, etc.)?

My Answer: Nope. Most people realize that they can't actually ban you, and simply try their best to ignore you or flame you to death, but in some cases I know people who have been asked to leave.

I'm a blunt, direct person who tends not to use a lot of the emoticons most boards provide. I ask direct questions and, when given an answer, say "thanks, I'll do that." I show respect by asking the question.

This pisses some people off, and they don't want to help me. After all, I use big words, and I'm arrogant. That's their perception, anyway. So, while I've never been asked to leave, I have come close, and I have had to suck it up and "play cute" a few times to avoid being ignored by the very people from whom I respect enough to seek advice.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Forums"

  1. Whould you ban or kick-out a blog reader from your blog?

  2. Not that I know about. I have been told to shape up, but that was less a matter of rudeness and more a matter of failure to use "proper logic." One of the blog operators sent me some information and told me to read it and follow it if I wanted to argue on their site anymore. So I did, and now I am probably the better for it.