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Freshly Squeezed Software is soon going to release some freeware for iTunes and Mac OS X that acts as a "shopping cart" of sorts. This application will allow you to save links to songs or albums while also allowing you to purchase songs from your list one at a time (without having to purchase the entire shopping cart).

Thing is, we need a good name. List some in the comments! The creator of the winning name will receive a free copy of Booklet or iChem.

20 Responses to "Undecided"

  1. I vote Groupie. like the fans of rock stars.

  2. How bout iPause . That keeps the name in line with apple iApps.

  3. iKart, iCart, wait - don't enough applications already start with "i"?

  4. Yeah, iSomething is pretty much gonna be wiped out of consideration. 24 of the 159 items in my /Applications begin with the letter "i" or "I."

  5. I think Jonathan's suggestion of Groupie is great. That could be because I though it both clever and funny when reading it. I'd use it just if it had that name.

  6. It's the front-runner. 🙂

  7. I actually sort of like Undecided. But, aside from that, I thought of BuyTunes (rhymes with iTunes, obviously).

  8. How about Express Lane? When you think of the express lane, you think of finishing up your shopping quickly and easily.

  9. How about Troubador?

  10. TuneSqueeze?

  11. Are you thinking more about naming after functionality or something with music? I might want to take another crack at it. Can we suggest more than one?

  12. Got another music oriented name. B-Side.

  13. TinyTunes




  14. How about "TuneSack", or just "Sack".

    I was thinking of the whole grocery sack thing, and bag just didn't seem catchy enough.

    As always, I can't wait to see what goodie FSS releases this time.

  15. Sonic Smoothie



    Audio Juice


  16. Extract (or X-tracked).

  17. iLayAway

  18. SongList, ITMSRegister

  19. Maybe go the way of the rocker. MoshPit

  20. "Jewel Case". Hey, music you want to buy is obviously a jewel, and it comes in a jewel case in a "real" store 😉