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QotD: Puerto Rico

Question: Should Puerto Rico become a state?

My Answer: That's up to them. If I lived there, I wouldn't. They've got the perks of a state without the downside (taxes). I've never been there, so I'm a bit out of my depths, but hey, let them do what they want, and they don't want to become a state. It's those Canadians that worry me… when will Québec break off?

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6 Responses to "QotD: Puerto Rico"

  1. Oui, Québec; je ne comprends pas ça (close enough; that's 3+ years of French for 'ya). As for Puerto Rico, its up to them. Like Erik said, they get the perks w/o the taxes. Can US Territories vote, though? I remember having this debate in AP US History, and I think it was settled by a reading of the Constitution.

  2. Their votes don't really matter, because of the electoral college, right?

    I kinda like round numbers, so for that reason I'd say let them stay as a territory. That's about as much as I can think of to sway my decision on this.

  3. Everyone loves Canada 🙂

    Just ignore the Quebecois, they're crazy.

  4. Hello fellow Mac Developer... I am from Puerto Rico(currently living in Melbourne FL) and let me tell you it sounds nice for Puerto Rico to receive all this nice perks and pay no taxes. But what I dont agree with i sthat we have to continue to "feed" this people. They also have no vote on Federal Laws that are imposed on them. I could be going on and on for hours here regarding this issue. One thing I believe that they should do is that they should be given the choice to join the 50 states or independence, not to stay the way they are a colony.

  5. I think Puerto Rico is losing a huge opportunity to become a state. I mean, the only negative thing that they might not be able to handle is the US taxes. But, otherwise that, why is the US bothering so much? Why can't they just make Cuba or the Dominican Republic a state instead of Puerto Rico? Plus, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are closer to the US then P.R.

  6. I agree with that. The Dominican Republic message thingy