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QotD: Race

Question: Are you as physically attracted to members of other races as you are to those of your own?

My Answer: What attracts me to a woman has nothing to do with race. I'm not as attracted to blondes as I am to brunettes, for example. I've found quite a few black, Asian, etc. women attractive, but on the whole my type is "brunettes" and most black women don't have brown hair (it's… black). Nor, for that matter, do most blondes.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Race"

  1. I find women of certain races more physically attractive than others, for example, Caucasians, some Asian races, and Hispanics (I'm a Caucasian). I am less likely to find Africans attractive. Of course, I still think that Tyra Banks is hot. It's just that if you showed me two pictures of females that had been rated by others as "average" attractiveness, and one was Caucasian and the other was African, I would be more likely to rate the Caucasian as being more attractive.

    This is probably some kind of in-group bias and heavily influenced by evolution. It would be interesting to see some research on this subject.

  2. Not directly related to this question, but I found the Racial Esthetics category of this anthropology blog interesting:

  3. I can read this in two different ways. One way is tacking on the phrase "in general." The other way is to think of it on an individualized basis. So, sure, there are women of other races that turn me on just as much as a woman of my own, but in general I am attracted to women of my race.

  4. I seem to be attracted to females from Northeast Asia (China, Korea, Japan).

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    Interesting Question of the Day over on Erik's blog: Are you as physically attracted to members of other races as you are to those of your own? I've provided my answer in the comments for that post....

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    Erik "NSLog();" Barzeski's question of the day today is "[a]re you as physically attracted to members of other races as you are to those of your own?" I'm gonna take a shot at this. The simple answer would be, "yes."...

  7. I've always been quite open to whom I'm attracted to. In my dating days, I dated many different kinds of girls; asian, black, white-- it really never mattered to be just as long as I found the girl to be interesting.

  8. I'm with Hasan, Asia women do it for me.

  9. from the physical end, i am attracted to petite, slim women; i like eyes, legs and hands - not much of a 'boob' man. so given those characteristics, then it is pretty open as far as race goes.

    i like intelligence and curiosity about the world around her; good looks and an empty head won't hold my attention. narrow mindedness and pointless 'haughty' behaviour are a turn off as well. opne to new ideas and experiences is a key.

  10. I am white. Black women aren't attractive to me whether they're Hallie Berry or Weezy from the Jeffersons. It's plainly obvious that they are female but I don't find myself giving them an appreciative once-over. The same goes for Asian women.

    I know my cat is female but I'm not sexually attracted to her. I love her to death, she's beautiful but I'm unable to find her sexually attractive.

    Perhaps my miscegenation drive is not as pronounced as other people. Women who are considered to be Latin or Mediterranean are considered attractive or worthy sexual mates or life partners. If I do bear any prejudice, it's towards blonde women. Whether out of a bottle or due to malignant recessive genes I will not bother with a blonde.

    Good day to you.

  11. I'm a White man and I honestly must say that I find Black women very attractive. Black women are so unique to me. I love that they can be dark or light. Mahagony or chocolate. I love how they are so natural. I've used to find white women the most attractive until I started seeing them without makeup. Many black women I date don't even wear makeup and they are still beautiful. They have beautiful thick bodies. Full lips, hips and curves. They always look different. I went out with this black women who one week had a short blonde weave and the next a long red one. I love that!! you never know what to expect with them. Their style is unique and they know how to take care of a man. For anyone to try to put down black women is ridiculous. Just cause they don't have long hair don't mean they're not beautiful. They can buy hair!!! but even without it they are truly beautiful women and it's ashame that even men in their own race don't realize it. Once you go black, you WON'T go back.