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QotD: Bush

Question: On a scale of 1-10, how well has Bush done? 1 = shitty, 10 = awesome.

My Answer: I'm the last guy you want to ask about politics, but as much of the "policy" put into place by the current administration affects me or the things in which I am interested in (not to mention things everyone is interested in, like sanctity of life and privacy), I've read more about Bush than most former presidents. I'd have to give him a 3. Heck, Bush and West Wing have me leaning towards the Democratic side of things more than ever.

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10 Responses to "QotD: Bush"

  1. Depends. On average I'd give him a 2. Lower on some things, higher in others.

  2. I'd give him a 4 on an average. Same with Gary: higher on some and lower on others - odd that I would give him a 1 on some things and yet never a 10 on anything. However, the Democrats make me even more nervous after the 8 years of Bill and the fact that Howard Dean seems to change his stance every 72 hours.

    Politics has become a "I'll vote for who sucks less" decision over the last decade or so.

  3. I'd say a 8. Would like someone that would cut out programs like a mad man, but that's just not going to happen. Love Bush on the space / defense front.

  4. Oh I dunno Randy, I'd give him a 10 for the 'Pandering to corporate contributors' scale, it just doesn't have much weight in my average.

  5. Definitely a 1. I can't imagine anything he could have done worse. Before Bush got into office ("got elected" is the wrong phrase), I actually considered moving to the US (because of the job opportunities), but now I'm holding till things get better overseas.

  6. I'm going with a three as well. Only because I liked a few of the things he has done like the space program, making dividends tax-free for a while, trying to do something about immagration, and making a stand in Iraq. Unfortunately, I don't really like what he is doing with immagration, and I hate that he is getting us into more and more debt. That is so irresponsible.

  7. I'd be hard pressed to give him anything more then a 2. Way too much "old-boy" networking going on in this administration. What he has allowed corporation to get away with is shameful. He has decimated the majority of environmental policy. Its hard to reverse the effects of these decisions down the road. Once a species is gone, it stays gone.

  8. I'm not a fan. I'll give him a 1.

  9. I'd have to say 1.01. The extra decimal is because I probably wouldn't have got interested in politics if it weren't for the horrible job he's been doing.

  10. I would give him a -99. He has totally sold us

    out to big business. To anyone that can"t see that, all I have to say to you is "shame on you".

    Can't people see the fiscal shape our country has

    gotten in since he took office? Tell me ONE positive thing he has done since he's been in office. Oh if you are a corporate giant, youll praise his tax cuts, but if you are an middle class american, enlighten me.