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Rock Star Preview

rockstar.gifIf you'd like to download an in-progress copy of Rock Star, you may do so here. There are quite a few things left to be done:

  • Multiplayer game
  • High Score Implementation (local and Web-based)
  • A bug regarding the score at the end of the game
  • Weeding out of some more file types (.aa, "Spoken Word" genre, etc.)
  • Some UI enhancements
  • Complete directions
  • Registration setup
  • Preferences

If you've got any feedback, leave it below in the comments. Please police duplicates yourself and refrain from saying "me too" unless you have more to offer on a particular item. I believe that this version (no high scores, no multiplayer) will eventually end up as the demo version, so here you go! Play around, have fun.

P.S. Some quick notes: Requires 10.3.x. Caps Lock pauses. Cmd-Opt-A toggles full-screen or windowed mode.

22 Responses to "Rock Star Preview"

  1. Wow, this is really cool. I can't wait until there is multiplayer!

    Secondly, it didn't seem to have all of my iTunes playlists available.

    Thirdly, you should write a tableview replacement so that part looks better =]

  2. Just like the game on my iPod!

    This will be free when it's finished, correct?

  3. Rock Star will not be free, no. We've gotta recoup the cost of icon design and hosting, foo! 🙂

  4. Eric, I think you forgot to compress the discimage...

  5. When I launch the app it displays an alert telling me it couldn't locate my iTunes music library XML file. (My iTunes folder as in ~/Documents. Moving it to ~/Music fixed the problem. But I didn't put it in ~/Documents. Some old version of iTunes must have put it there - iTunes otherwise works fine.

    There seem to be some performance problems because of the size of my music library. Dual 1.25GHz G4, 84GB of music - my "iTunes Music Library.xml" is 25MB.

    The app takes about 40 seconds to launch. Starting a game by song takes about another 40 seconds in the gathering playlist info stage.

    Those issues aside, I like the game.

  6. Some sort of volume control would be nice...

  7. You have volume controls. They're on your keyboard. Regardless, we'll also be implementing cmd-1 through cmd-7 to control volume.

    Performance is optimized fairly well in build 11, and RS will prompt for the location of the file if it's not in ~/Music.

  8. Oh my. I feel excited and disappointed at the same time. Why? I've been trying to code such a game during my free time and pretty much succeeded to come up with a good start. I'm not an experienced Cocoa programmer but I'm learning. The guts of the app are working but a lot of stuff is still missing. I was happy to see that nobody came up with the same idea yet. Well, not anymore.

    Some comments about RockStar. Absolutely gorgeous icon, a perfect fit. Congrats to the artist. The star on the neck is missing in the icon version, though. It looks better with the star like on this entry. I don't like the Flash-like interface but it's only my personal feeling. I tried the game (single player, mixed mode), selected a playlist (called "Noir Désir" with about 40 items in it) and boom, spinning beachball of death. I'll give it another try later.

    Now I don't know what to do with my project, trashing it altogether or continue to develop it and publish it as a "competing" product. My implementation looks very different from yours but I will not be the first on the market. Oh my.

  9. The "Flash-like" interface is necessary, we feel, as "Party Mode" is intended to be played on a television screen at, well, a party. 😉

  10. Two bugs:

    In a game of 25 questions, I missed maybe five or six. My score was increasing past 3000, definitely. But somewhere near the end of the game, my score reset, and I ended with "2/25 correct, total 1516". It happened twice in a row.

    If one of the answers is longer than the window is wide, it will wrap, but get cut off after two pixels or so.

  11. I realize I have master volume controls (even though not all keyboards do), but if I drop the master volume then system alert beeps become to low 🙂 iTunes has volume controls for similar reasons...

    I'll give the next build a try. Thanks.

  12. Avi, from my initial entry:

    A bug regarding the score at the end of the game

    The other one is also a known bug I forgot to list. It will be addressed in a later build (perhaps 11, perhaps not).

  13. I would suggest allowing a choice of connected iPods as music source, for people like me who have very little in their regular 'Library'.

  14. I'd just like to be able to click on the answer rather than typing the number on the keyboard, Awesome game...

  15. Arnaud, this has been added in build 11. You can also type "SPIH" at the main screen and "1234" at the mode selection screen.

  16. I just gave it a quick spin, and so far it looks really nice and is progressing to something that I will happily be shelling out money for.

  17. Rock Star

    Freshly Squeezed Software is working on a new music guessing game called Rock Star, and they just released a preview...

  18. The multi-monitor support could be a *bit* better (don't flash them, just make them black or leave 'em alone), otherwise it's fine.

  19. Andy, that's a problem with the new display fade APIs that Apple added in 10.2. They provide a convenient interface to do fading yet they also left out a way to specify which displayID is to be faded, so it just fades all of them. I'll add this to issue to our list, though, and it will be fixed/reverted in a later version.

  20. Yes, we just released build 10, but here is Rock Star build 11. Grab it from the same location as before. This time the file...

  21. Fun! This was bound to happen... What's your high score? I've managed to get a hair over 17,000. Answer a few more questions right and I'll be over 20,000 hopefully.

  22. Great game! Looking forward to the full version! Especially party mode, since I hosted a game manually on New Years that would have completely rocked if I'd had something like that then!

    Scores: On my top 100 song playlist, I hit around 15k with one wrong. My reaction time sucks!