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FSS: Now Hiring

fss_orange.gifFreshly Squeezed Software is hiring, tentatively. Interested applicants should be well-versed in Cocoa as well as have a good understanding of networking. We accept a lot of on-the-job learning (every programmer learns on the job), but we don't want a newbie. For that matter, we're not offering a career either, so hard-core 24/7 type programmers are out of the question as well. Someone in the middle: a college student with entirely too much free time, a late-20's hacker with a boring day job, whatever.

The primary function of any new hire would be to work on and complete MailDrop 2.0.

Please IM me at "iacas" (which I use with Adium) or the same thing (iChat; I prefer the former) and state your purpose quickly so I don't dump you into my spambots group. 🙂