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Grrrrr – iTMS “Too Full”

Yesterday I added two "Essentials" albums and the "Top 100 of 2003" from the iTunes Music Store. Ever since, when I try to access my shopping cart (for paring), I am told:



When I click my shopping cart, I see "Accessing Music Store" for a few minutes before this error appears. Activity Monitor shows no real network traffic. I'm on a high-speed Internet connection (2.5 Mbps down), and I've got about $130 in my shopping cart, yet I have no way of giving Apple (well, the recording labels, anyway) my money.


3 Responses to "Grrrrr – iTMS “Too Full”"

  1. Perhaps something ITMS related is cached and got corrupted. I had that happen to Help recently, everytime I launched Help (for anything) it would immediately quit.

    check in /Library/Caches/ or ~/Library/Caches/


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