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Album Artwork

I'm trying to get my album artwork in order, largely due to the fact that I realize how little of my songs have album artwork. Unfortunately, iTunes offers no "has no album artwork" smart playlist option. Bummer. 🙁

So, anyway, I'm working on it. iTunes Catalog has largely proven useless - it is for me. (iTC is good for other things: not so much finding [large] album artwork.)

I even made my own CD cover for any "Live" albums.

Update: I'm up to Bend it Like Beckham. And yes, I'm working A-Z through my albums (not my artists like iTC). I'm done for the evening.

14 Responses to "Album Artwork"

  1. A great program to use for this massive undertaking is a program called "Clutter". It will automatically search for an album cover on and you can choose to add that album to iTunes. Best part, it will add the cover to all of the songs on that album. Very cool, time saving program.

    Here's the website:

  2. I would highly recommend Clutter as Gabe did above. The tool almost always works, is quick and easy... Thumbs up from me!

  3. but if you've already got the songs in iTunes... i don't think Clutter really helps. dude... i know you're pain. but hey, list some and maybe i've already downloaded them and can just send them to you (i've already done the searching)

  4. The funniest thing about album covers embedded in songs was when I found porn images in some of my songs. 😀

  5. You also might want to check out this AppleScript that searches Google Image Search for your song or album. Works pretty good actually.

  6. I used a program called "Fetch Art" that I found on VersionTracker to do roughly 70% of my MP3s. It looks through stuff you already have in iTunes, looks on for the art, and puts it in. For some reason, it can't find self-titled CDs, but other than that, it saved me a -lot- of work.

  7. Another one I've found is running konfabulator's itunes flasher which links up to the album on which has to have a pretty decent size and hit ratio. I just wish itunes would allow me to mass-clear itunes artwork. I hate trying to upgrade cover art from a low res version to a high res version and having to right click, clear, ad infinitum.

  8. I'd highly recommend Clutter as well. I don't know what your plans are exactly, but I'd recommend not adding the graphics to your song files. Clutter keeps its own database of music, so that the graphics don't take up space say on your iPod or other mp3 player. With 5,000 songs, even 50k images can add up.

  9. I've got 2x250 GB. I don't care much about 50k here and there. I could always just delete some porn if I needed the space. 🙂

  10. There is an Applescript that will create a playlist of songs that do not have album art here.

  11. Hmm. I've used and enjoyed Clutter, but it cluttered up my desktop (!). On your anti-recommendation I tried out the free version of iTunes Catalog and found it worked pretty well for me. I'd say 75% hits with about 4% wrong covers. In a spam filter 71% accuracy is abominable: in something that grabs (copyrighted) images off a website for free (no doubt in some kind of copyright violation) I'd say it was pretty sweet. I'd register it if my c.card wasn't currently maxed out.

  12. hello,

    i found a freeware called sofa.

    it can search amazon, etc...

    and save the cover to itunes.

    hope it helps.

  13. Hey, use a site called it is like amazon however the album art is real just like iTunes, the resolution is very high (500 by 500).